Claude Silver

Chief Heart officer, Vayner Media

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Claude Silver, is the world’s first ever Chief Heart Officer, working at Gary Vee’s VaynerMedia (catering to employer branding). She focusses on making all the 800 employees feel ‘seen and heard’. Gary Vee is the famous disruptive entrepreneur, with millions of followers, who deeply recognizes the role of his Chief Heart Officer, as the second most important role in the organization after his role as a CEO.

When asked about Silver’s day to day job, she describes her role as the creator of a ‘culture of belonging, where people feel like they can bring their whole selves to work’. She aspires to be a mentor for all the Vayner employees and describes herself as being most comfortable while coaching.


Silver was originally hired as Senior Vice President, running the Unilever account at VaynerMedia. After years of travelling to other offices to meet and mentor employees, things became clear to her. She was done with the selling and advertising part. She wanted to focus on the heartbeat of the place. She wanted to focus on people.
So she left the company. But not for long: because after only four months off, she got a call from the CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk, asking her whether she wanted to come back as the Chief Heart Officer’, a position that would allow her to help others. Or, in her own words: ‘I’m not here because I want to be the hero of the story. I’m here because I want to be the guide, or the coach, or the Sherpa to them. I want to be the guide, they are the heroes’.

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