Eva Storm

My mission is happy kids by conscious adults. And to introduce people to a new way of education. Every generation brings in new values and has a different life purpose or a different way to achieve that purpose. The new generation children are much more sensitive and intuitive but also very intelligent. They are the leaders of the future, the way-showers, the creators of new visions. It is up to us, adults, to make room for the great wisdom that already resides in their consciousness. I have been preparing parents, teachers, doctors, coaches through training.

Now I am ready to create new types of schools.

Hilde Van Dyck

A lot of us suffer from a ‘locked treasure’ syndrome. Our true strengths and talents are overshadowed by the daily rat race we live in with all its obligations.

According to Held & Spinka (2009): “Play is an indicator of psychological and physical well-being. It is usually the first activity to disappear if an individual is stressed, anxious, hungry or ill.”

I developped ‘the power of playfulness’ methodology for organisations, teams, but most of all people to grow. Next to the fun factor, it stimulates ownership, enables resilience, boosts your creativity & productivity, makes you grow, gives you the courage to try, accelerates the learning process, reduces stress, enables flow & unites people.

With this 7-dimensional model people dare to try to achieve their goals. After all, “A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot”, according to Joe Vitale.

Maarten Van Damme

Why it is a good time to be alive and to work and co-create in 2021?

All my life I have been fascinated and attracted at the balance in the world and universe between light and dark energy. I was born myself in 1979 in a challenging environment.

When I was 17 years old I decided to study criminology. During my studies the ambition rose to become a pricon warden. I worked for 10 years in the justice department as a parole officer. After some travelling in the world I decided that I wanted more and broader than only the justice department. It’s my vision and mission that we live in a world full of opportunities and we can choose for light energy. Through my own work as a coach and hypnotherapist I guide and co-create more light in people’s life. And through our Dynamic Collaboration network we bring light in teams and in organisations, and the products and service they deliver.

The mission is to let people work together in a human, conscious, meaningful and innovative way through new insights in people and organistional development

Nathalie Arteel

Lots of companies are struggling to attract, retain and engage talented people. More and more employees are thinking about leaving their companies because they don’t feel connected on an emotional level. To date companies have been focussing on improving wages, creating compensation and benefits plans and even investing in wellness and wellbeing. Despite all these efforts, absenteeism continues to increase, voluntary turnover continues to increase, and they experience more and more difficulties to attract talented people.

Young people care less about the monetary advantages but more about the culture and the mission of the company. They want to feel truly aligned with the values and the sustainable mission of the company, when they apply for a job they want to feel the positive vibration that the company radiates. Companies need to go back to the basics. It means learning their leaders to connect from heart to heart with their people. What I learned from more than 2000 interviews I conducted it that people want to feel seen, heard and appreciated. If you focus on that the culture takes care of itself.

Eva Devos

Our company is part of a large international network with targets and loads of rules that I can not influence. The sector in which we are active is known for the work hard, play hard mentality (think about the series Mad Men: working late at night and over the weekend but also a lot of parties) but more and more it is only the work hard part that remains because of the financial pressure. The world we live in is still one that is mainly dominated by power play, ego, numbers and tough leadership.

I want to do it differently and contribute to a warmer and kinder world by creating a new kind of work environment. One where people can be themselves, speak their mind without fear, get equal opportunities no matter what, are stimulated to continuously learn about their job but also about themselves, where creativity and personal growth unlock financial growth for the company.

Leadership from the soul – not from the ego. Courageous leadership – not tough leadership.


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